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Institute of Medicine (IOM) updates vitamin D recommendations

November 30, 2010 -- Today the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released updated recommendations regarding calcium and vitamin D intake. IOM recommends 600 international units (IU) of vitamin D every day for most healthy adults under age 71 and 800 IU for healthy people age 71 and older. The updated IOM recommendations for vitamin D intake are sufficient for most healthy adults, however, some adults may need more. These include those with very little sun exposure (or who consistently wear sun screen or protective clothing), dark skin, osteoporosis, problems absorbing dietary fat or who are taking medicines that interfere with vitamin D.
This is an increase from the previous IOM recommendations that cited 200 to 400 IU per day for healthy adults under age 71 and 600 IU per day for those age 71 and older. Since 2008, NOF has recommended that healthy people age 19 to 49 get 400 to 800 IU of vitamin D every day; and that adults age 50 and older get 800 to 1,000 IU every day.
NOF’s recommendations for daily intake remain higher than IOM’s but fall well within the margin of safety.
The IOM report issued on November 30, 2010 set the safe upper limit for daily intake to be 4,000 IU. The IOM report did not address the vitamin D requirements for high risk individuals or those who require treatment. NOF strongly recommends that you consult with your healthcare professional for your particular requirements.
NOF applauds IOM for their comprehensive review of the evidence supporting their updated recommendations for vitamin D and calcium intake.
Click here to read NOF’s Bone Basics on Vitamin D to learn more.

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